Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy – Proactive Pelvic Health Centre Gives Useful Insight

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy – Proactive Pelvic Health Centre Gives Useful Insight

Angelique Montano-Bresolin, Clinic Director of Proactive Pelvic Health Centre, the first private integrative pelvic health rehabilitation clinic in Toronto, has been committed to supporting individuals and helping them understand the realities of pregnancy, childbirth and the effects they may have on their pelvic floor. Montano-Bresolin runs a specialty pelvic health physiotherapy practice and helps individuals manage pre and postnatal pain, discomfort and other physical symptoms that may arise during pregnancy and postpartum. Scientific evidence supports that these groups are at higher risk for developing pelvic floor dysfunction.

“Sometimes pelvic physiotherapy can resolve all concerns a client has regarding their pelvic health, but sometimes you may just need a bit more help,” says Montano-Bresolin. “We are privileged to have a compassionate and skilled team of pelvic health experts from a range of disciplines that can complement your pelvic physiotherapy care.”

What is the pelvic floor? Montano-Bresolin explains, “The pelvic-floor muscles are located at the base of the pelvic organs to hold them in position. They include the uterus, bladder, and bowel. When they are functioning properly, they do a good job of supporting those organs — but when they are weakened or injured, these organs may not be as well supported, which can lead to a variety of unpleasant symptoms. The good news is that a variety of treatment options exist and are available at our clinic.”

Common concerns that may benefit from pelvic floor physiotherapy during the pre and postnatal periods include symptoms and diagnoses such as:

     · Urinary or bowel incontinence (bladder or bowel leakage)

     · Painful intercourse

     · Pelvic girdle pain (back, hips, pubic symphysis pain)

     · Diastasis Rectus Abdominus (abdominal separation)

Through in-clinic and/or virtual treatment sessions, Proactive Pelvic Health Centre’s multi-disciplinary team provides holistic care alongside pelvic floor physiotherapy that includes:

     · Psychotherapy and Intimacy therapy – especially for those struggling with adapting to life after having a baby and postpartum mood disorders such as postpartum depression or anxiety.

     · Chiropractic care and osteopathy for neck, back, hip, or shoulder pain or postural issues that may arise from wet-nursing/chest feeding, carrying and lifting baby, stroller, etc.

     · Osteopathy for scar tissue management, organ-related concerns (constipation, cramping, bloating) and pediatric concerns of your new baby

     · Naturopathic medicine for issues around hormones, diet, menstrual pain and irregularity, sleep and other perinatal health-related concerns.

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About Proactive Pelvic Health Centre

Proactive Pelvic Health Centre is a private integrative pelvic health rehabilitation clinic in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2012, Proactive Pelvic Health Centre serves the pelvic health needs of clients across Toronto and surrounding communities. Each day, the integrative healthcare team uses their knowledge and expertise in assessing and treating pelvic health concerns of all genders and ages, including issues of incontinence, abdominopelvic pain, and intimacy pain in pre- and post-natal, post-surgical, post-menopausal, and post-cancer populations.

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