Proactive Pelvic Health Centre Re-Opens In-Clinic Services

Proactive Pelvic Health Centre Re-Opens In-Clinic Services

Proactive Pelvic Health Centre Re-Opens for In-Clinic Services and Offers Virtual Physiotherapy Services, Full-Course Or Hybrid Pelvic Health Rehabilitation To Clients During COVID-19

Proactive Pelvic Health Centre, the first private integrative pelvic health rehabilitation clinic in Toronto, has announced the re-opening of in-clinic services and will also continue to offer virtual physiotherapy services for its clients. Created as part of the Centre’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the virtual pelvic physiotherapy services help patients and providers create a safe treatment environment with comprehensive virtual/video call care that can be integrated with in-clinic services.

Excited to open for business again, Proactive Pelvic Health Centre is offering its virtual physiotherapy services under full-course and hybrid models. Under Proactive Pelvic Health Centre’s hybrid model, clients can combine in-clinic and virtual services for their pelvic health needs. By allowing health concerns to be addressed while socially distant, virtual physiotherapy services are revolutionizing care. The virtual platform is privacy compliant, and appointments are delivered through a convenient, easy to use platform.

A leader in integrative pelvic health rehabilitation, Proactive Pelvic Health Centre is offering this program to support its at-risk patients, including those that are immuno-compromised or more vulnerable, and doing its part to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Clients have the option for traditional in-person appointments at Proactive Pelvic Health Centre with all safety precautions in place, or virtual physiotherapy services.

“While we have again opened for business in-clinic, we will also continue to offer these virtual consultations for full-course or hybrid care,” remarked Angelique Montano-Bresolin, Clinic Director. “Clients can receive a mix of in-clinic and virtual services, which directly supports at-risk populations, including those that are immuno-compromised, thus helping to minimize the transmission of COVID-19.”

Through in-clinic and virtual sessions, Proactive Pelvic Health Centre will provide an array of pelvic health exercises and health education sessions, including those to support pelvic healthcare in areas of bladder and bowel hygiene, pain from physical intimacy and dysfunction, abdominopelvic pain, pre and post-operative care, pre and postnatal care, menopause-related concerns, and diet and lifestyle.

Established in 2012, Proactive Pelvic Health Centre has been a leader in pelvic floor dysfunction or conditions that cause muscles of the pelvic floor to not function correctly. The Centre works with clients to rehabilitate the pelvic floor, including its muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues, and related muscles that attach to the pubic bone, coccyx, and sit bones (ischial tuberosities) to support the pelvic organs, offer stability to the low back and hip joints, maintain continence for the bowel and bladder and optimize intimate function.

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To learn more about Proactive Pelvic Health Centre’s in-clinic and virtual physiotherapy services, please click here.

About Proactive Pelvic Health Centre

Proactive Pelvic Health Centre is a private integrative pelvic health rehabilitation clinic in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2012 by Angelique Montano-Bresolin, Proactive Pelvic Health Centre serves the pelvic health needs of clients across Toronto and surrounding communities. Angelique is a graduate of the University of Toronto Physical Therapy program with over 20 years of clinical experience. Each day, she uses her knowledge and expertise as a Registered Physiotherapist to assess and treat pelvic health concerns of all genders and ages, including issues of incontinence, abdominopelvic pain, and post-natal, post-surgical, post-menopausal, and post-cancer populations. 

Media Contact
Company Name:  Proactive Pelvic Health Centre
Contact Person: Angelique Montano-Bresolin, Reg PT Clinic Director
Address: 235 Danforth Ave. Suite 405 Toronto, ON M4K 1N2
Phone: 647.352.7742
Country: Canada

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