Remembering Mindfulness

Here’s the truth: we already know what mindfulness is.

Some of us just forget sometimes.

We humans are born with the innate ability to be mindful, which is the intention to bring curious accepting attention to the present moment. However, for many during this day and age, especially those of us who live in fast paced societies that foster busyness and judgemental expectations of how we should or should not be, it can be easy to get stuck in our heads and live outside of our bodies.

Disconnected from the home that is the body, we may forget that the resources we need to face the physical and emotional pains of life are actually always accessible within us if we just pause to re-connect with ourselves and the power of being in the now.

Over forty years of research supports how the practice of mindfulness leads to the health of our bodies, minds, relationships, workplaces and communities. But the most influential science comes from the skill of being mindful and thus objective observer of our own lives. This leads to our ability to more wisely respond to the natural ups and downs of life, and ultimately our potential capacity for healing and our growth.

On Saturday September 30th, 2017, from 9am-12pm come and join us at Proactive Pelvic Health Centre at 235 Danforth Ave. Suite 405. Occupational therapist, medical qigong practitioner and mindfulness teacher Jaisa Sulit OT Reg. (Ont.) will be facilitating a workshop where through guided practice and facilitated discussion, participants will leave with an embodied remembering of mindfulness and how it can help us heal, thrive and grow.

If you’re interested in more that an introductory workshop and are at a point in your life where you’re ready to bring mindfulness to your everyday life, the consider taking the 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) workshop which will also be facilitated by Jaisa. The MBSR workshop is the longest running mindfulness program with scientific evidence supporting its benefits for physical, emotional and cognitive health.

This is actually the same workshop that Jaisa took in 2011 after a motorcycle accident left her with a spinal cord injury. Jaisa found MBSR to be so helpful in her recovery and ability to cope with her own chronic pain, stress, anxiety and depression that she went on to complete professional training to become a qualified MBSR teacher. Today, Jaisa continues to enthusiastically share the freedom and transformative power that mindfulness practice brings. The MBSR program will run this fall for 8 weeks from October – November. Exact dates will be announced soon.

To register for the $75 introductory workshop on Saturday September 30th or to receive information about the upcoming 8 week MBSR workshop email

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