Mindfulness Meditation and Qi Gong

Mindfulness meditation
Mindfulness meditation:

Mindfulness as described by Jon Kabat-Zinn is ‘the intentional cultivation of non-judgmental moment-to-moment awareness’. It is not about not thinking!  It is simply about bringing awareness to whatever is arising in each moment and bringing an attitude of curiosity, acceptance and compassion. Mindfulness is a way of life that can be cultivated with daily practices such as sitting and walking meditations, body scans and mindful movement. All of these practices are similar in that they foster deeper awareness of the mind-body connection. While mindfulness has its eastern roots in Buddhism, it has its western roots in over 30 years of medical research.  Mindfulness offers those of us who suffer from daily stress, pain and anxiety a way to become present with ourselves just as we are.


Medical Qi Gong:

Medical qigong practice involves the use of breathing techniques, posture, movement, focused concentration, intention, as well as the use of creative visualization and healing sounds. Through practice we can develop awareness of the movement of energy, both inside and outside the body providing a safe and effective way to release toxic pathogens, trapped emotions and other negative influences that can cause both physical and mental/emotional illness. Learn more about medical qi gong here.


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All females in France are given access to pelvic floor physiotherapy after having a baby

3 months of physiotherapy for bladder leakage is mandatory in Britain prior to being considered for surgery