Now offering PAP Testing with Dr. Alexsia

Are you getting your pap exam done every 3 years?  Dr. Alexsia is now offering them in the clinic! Pap tests are used to determine if abnormal cells are present in the cervix, an area where cervical cancer would develop. Anyone with a cervix should begin pap testing at 21 years old if they are sexually active. For normal results, your subsequent pap exam should be in 3 years. However, if results are abnormal then your next test should occur in 6 months.

If you don’t have a family doctor, getting a pap done at Proactive Pelvic Health Centre is a great idea as most insurance companies cover naturopathic medicine. Furthermore, if you’ve been avoiding pap exams because of fear and discomfort, Dr. Alexsia will work with your pelvic physiotherapist to ensure a comfortable experience for you.

The 40-min visit with Dr. Alexsia including the cost of the pap exam is $135, and is available for both new and existing patients. Book your naturopathic PAP visit today!


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