Pelvic Pain Support Group – January 2019

Do you have pelvic pain? Pain with intercourse? Pain that affects your quality of life? If so, consider joining this pelvic pain skill-building and educational group running this January at PPHC.

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This 8-week program will cover topics such as understanding your pain better and learning about a biopsychosocial perspective in managing pain. Below is a more detailed breakdown of the program:

In this introductory session, the group will review the curriculum, formulate group expectations and discuss our individual and collective goals for the program.

We will explore five categories of chronic pelvic pain, and its prevalence and effects. Members will have the opportunity, if they wish, to discuss the effects of the pain on their life and explore how they have managed it thus far.

During this session we will explore a holistic and increasingly dominant understanding of chronic pain, called the biopsychosocial approach. We will learn how this understanding of chronic pain may help us to identify the factors contributing to our pain, and thus the areas of focus for pain management.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is an evidence-based practice shown to help manage the anxiety and stress that may accompany the experience of chronic pain. We will discuss CBT theory and use this lens to observe and assess our experiences of pain. We will explore how common ‘thinking habits’ can lead to unhelpful results in relation to chronic pain. Members will experiment with a thought record and reflect upon how this CBT tool may be useful to them.

Research shows that mindfulness can be a powerful force in the management of pain and chronic stress. Group members will be introduced to mindfulness during these sessions. Common myths about mindfulness, as well as the science behind the effectiveness of this practice will be discussed.  We will discuss mindful approaches to working with physical and emotional pain and explore self-compassion. Members will be guided through grounding exercises and brief meditations.

During this final session group members will review the last seven weeks against our goals. We will review what we learned and discuss how each of us manages our pain in the day to day. What are our skills and strengths, and how can they be harnessed to support ourselves moving forward?

Space is limited. Register online today.

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