Vaginismus: A Client’s Story

Women should not suffer in silence.  Here is a summary of a client’s personal experience with vaginismus, now known as genito-pelvic pain/penetration disorder.

‘After years of disappointment with trying to find a solution for my condition and just before starting pelvic floor physiotherapy, I had already given up seeking out the care of various other health care providers.  I had had a hymenectomy with no positive results, gone through periods of confusion and years of frustration.  From my own research I suspected that I had vaginismus and asked my family physician to refer me to pelvic physiotherapy.  I did not know that such a thing as pelvic floor physiotherapy existed and was excited to find out about it especially after most of my internet-based research seemed to suggest treatment such as botox and other ways which did not seem realistic to me.

When I was asked during my first physiotherapy session, to describe my experience, I felt such overwhelming relief at the understanding that the physiotherapist had that I could not help but cry.  This was the beginning of my 11 month journey of pelvic physiotherapy.

I followed a treatment plan pf breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and practiced dilation at home as well as during my sessions and learned that I could re-wire my brain and thereby my body’s response.  I saw gradual but definite improvement that I would have never imagined before.  I had given up, and with every bit of progress I regained my self-esteem and hope that I too could lead a ‘normal’ adult life.

I also learned that I was not alone in this. Vaginismus is unfortunately a condition that many women suffer in silence but with the right care you can overcome it!’



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